These past couple of days have been really hard for me. A person that I became very close with over the last couple of months or so has left me high and dry without a reason as to why. It's a very weird feeling talking to someone everyday for so long and before you know it, they're gone. I don't think I deserve this, maybe I do. Who knows?. She says "I'm doing this for you and one day you'll understand". I can't even to begin to think what that may mean. If i do, it will only make me more crazy than I already am.

I wish it didn't have to be like this and I wish she would at least be an adult about this and tell me why she's made this decision. She owes me that much. I don't know why this is impacting my life so much right now. I guess because I cared about her. I think I would be inhumane for me not to be hurt by this. All I know is, I don't wanna feel this anymore. I want my friend back and I want to be happy. You can call me lame for typing this but this will be the only way I can vent and maybe pull through this. I'm hoping you miss me too and one day we can fix this.

Jeffrey Daniel


  1. Jeff, you're not lame for typing this. Trust that what she told you is for the best, if at all possible. I'm sending you all the LOVE & LIGHT I can, and know you have a higher purpose to fulfill in music.

    It's ok to feel hurt, though. Turn it around and pour the feelings into your music, if you need to.

    All the best to you...