The good life

Hello, I know I said I would do this more and I wish I did. So many good
times and I wish I had blogged about them. The road has been treating
me great. I'm broke as all hell and I'm not really too concerned about
it. I'm out, living the dream. I would go broke a 1000 times over this.

I've been on the road for well over a month and I miss so many people
back home and sometimes that's hard on me. I get by. Days off are the
worst. I think too much and it bums me out. Its been weird being on the
road without a girlfriend. This is a first. I don't know who I want or
what I want. All I know is want something REAL. One day....

Thanks to everyone has been coming out to "Shh It Happens Tour". Its
been un real. All the bands are awesome dudes and have become our
family. Support them ;)

Www.myspace.com/sparks the rescue

And....I'm out. Be safe.
<3 Jeffray
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